Bubble Shooter: A Game Which Is Played Worldwide

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One of the most popular flash games, which are world famous, is known as Bubble Shooter. As the name suggests this game is base on Bubbles. It was launched in early 90’s and after that it’s world famous.

Playing Bubble Shooter is so simple and easy. The main work is to target the ball. For that work we have to follow the instructions of the game. In this it’s about 17 balls per row and 5-6 colors and the game starts with 19 rows of balls with random colored. The player who is playing the game has all the controls like shooting the ball. The player can deflect the ball with the help of wall given in game sheet. As soon as the heated ball join the chart and if the ball completes the 3 balls in a row with same color then it causes the balls to disappear. This will happened till the last row. And at the end of the game one can get his points.

If you able the complete the first stage then the player will play the next stage.

These types of games are so entertaining and if we will talk about rating then it will be different by different age group members. The children will rate it 10/10. As far as my rating is concerned, I will rate 9/10. One can play such types of games for hours. This game has scoring system and every time you finish the game the last set will disappear and new set comes to play. If you finish the game in time then you can get awarded points as well.

There are various types of bubble games such as Bloons, Bubble Trouble, Puzzle Bubble, Speedy Bubble, Jungle Shooter and many more.

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