From Traditional To Downright Naughty – Hens Party Games For All

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Anyone who already has participated in a hens party knows that there are many ways to amuse the girls. From the familiar and traditional favorites, to the customary drinking and dirty games, whatever activity is deemed most suitable for your guests will have to be added to the activity list.

Depending on the people invited to the hens party, you may have to spruce up the list of your customary hens party games. Having a piñata stuffed with male body parts may not be the best idea when the bride-to-be's ninety-year old grandmother was invited. In that case, you may want to stick with more moderate hens night ideas, such as playing the "handbag game."

The "handbag game" is a true icebreaker and can be played by everyone. Each female guest has to remove 2 or 3 items from her handbag and put them in a separate plastic bag. Once all the hens have completed this task, each plastic bag will be examined and the group will decide who the items from each woman belong to. Each person needs to guess. The ones who got it right are safe, but the ones who guessed wrong will have to take a sip of their spiked beverage, or will have to complete an unusual task. They may be asked to sing, dance, or perform a little one-woman show.

"I've never …" is the perfect game for a bunch of rowdy hens. Belonging to the most popular hens party games, this true classic can have rather hilarious consequences. One person starts this game by making a confession. She says: "I've never …" and adds a specific action or though. For example, she could say: "I've never kissed a guy and forgotten his name." Any hen that actually has done this will then have to take a sip of her drink. Looking around the room you'll be amazed at some of the crazy stuff your girlfriends and the bride-to-be have done, and whatever you did not know yet will soon also be out in the open.

If you are looking for more great hens night ideas, do not forget the "forbidden words" game. This game is simple, and can be played any time during the event, regardless if he hens stay in, or are taken on a road trip. How does it work? At the beginning of the festivities, each girl picks a word that is forbidden and cannot be pronounced as long as the party lasts. This can be anything from the groom's name to words, such as "wedding," "bride," "sex," or "thank you." Whoever forgets and speaks those words will have to take a dare or another drink. This can be extremely challenging, especially when you invite a few bright ladies who enjoy tricking people.

There definitely is no lack of hens party games. Just type in "Hens night ideas" into your favorite search engine's search box and you will be surprised at the overwhelming results you will receive. Browse through all this information, and only use whatever ideas seem fit for your own event. Who knows, you may even come up with a game of your own, and start a brand new hens part trend! Wouldn't that be cool ?!

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