How to Attract Women – The 5 Questions Game

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You’re at a party and get introduced to a friend of a friend. She seems like your type of girl and you want to make a good impression. You start up a conversation; ask about her job, how she knows your friend and what she’s got planned for the weekend. You make some more small talk but soon run out of things to talk about.

Has this ever happened to you? Ever felt like you are just running through the routine ‘getting to know you’ questions? One thing that a lot of guys don’t realize is just how often women are approached by guys asking the exact same questions. It’s no surprise why girls are so unresponsive to the small talk conversations; they are sick of answering the same questions! If you want to be noticed, you need to change your approach.

Being able to hold a conversation is not enough. You need to keep her interested, make her laugh and enjoy talking to you. There are so many things you can do to liven up your conversations. One good way is to play some games with her to bring some fun into your conversations. They can easily be incorporated into any conversation making them very useful if you ever run out of things to talk about or have trouble keeping her interested. Here’s an example, it’s called 5 questions.

B: “Hey I have a cool game to play.”

G: “Okay.”

B: “The game is called 5 questions. Here’s how it works. I will ask you 5 questions. If you can answer all 5 question incorrectly then you win, otherwise I win.”

G: “Incorrectly? Don’t you mean correctly?”

B: “Nah, I mean incorrectly. For example, if I ask you ‘what planet are we on?’, you would have to reply ‘Mars’ or some other planet other than Earth. If you answer all 5 of my questions incorrectly then you win.”

G: “Ahhh okay I get it. This will be easy haha.”

B: “Okay… First question. What colour dress are you wearing?”

G: “Blue.” (she is wearing a black dress)

B: “Oooo okay second question. Hmmm… what time is it?”

G: “Midday.” (the time is 9 o’clock at night)

B: “Okay smart pants. Third question…What song is playing?”

G: “I kissed a girl!” (A song by The Killers is playing).

B: “That’s nice…” (Now do something that will make it look like you are momentarily distracted. If you are sitting down and holding your phone you may ‘accidentally’ drop it or you may notice your shoelace is loose and bend down to re-tie it. As you bend down to pick up the phone you just dropped casually ask her…) “What question are we up to again?” (Your face should look like you are trying to remember how many questions you’ve done so far).

G: “Four”

B: “Haha got ya. I win.”

G: “Ohhh nooo I didn’t know that was one of the questions!”

If you seem genuinely distracted when you drop your phone or whatever distraction you choose to use, nine times out of ten she will be caught off guard and not realize that asking her what question you’re up to is actually a question.

But what if she doesn’t fall for it and answers it incorrectly I hear you ask. “Question number 1 billion!” for example. Well don’t sweat, you still have your 5th question to ask remember!

B: “What question are we up to again?”

G: “Question number 1 billion!”

B: “Ohhh you’ve played this game before haven’t you?!!!” (When saying this you must look annoyed as if she has cheated. You may even give her a slight push as if to say she has cheated.)

G: “Nahhhh I haven’t I promise!!”

B: “Haha, got ya! You answered the 5th question correctly so I win!”

This is a really fun game to play and it always works if you can pull it off naturally. To make it sound more natural, personalize the first 3 questions so you ask situation specific questions. You can even make it a little more interesting by putting a bet on the fact that you will win. For example, “okay if I win you have to get on that podium and dance to the next song!”. Let her decide what happens if she wins.

Games are a great way to liven up your conversations! Try them out and remember the key is to have fun with the girl.

Source by Jimmy Black

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