How to Fix the Xbox 360 Open Tray Error Easily

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Wondering how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error? Fed up of opening and closing the tray? Hoping the game will load only for the words ‘open tray’ to pop up again and again. If so take comfort in the fact that yours isn’t the only one, in fact the Xbox 360 will probably go down as one of the most unreliable consoles ever which is a shame when you think of the games its capable of playing. Fortunately the open tray error doesn’t mean sending your Xbox to the scrap heap: the following tips should help resolve the problem and have you back playing your favorite games in no time.

1) Warranty. If your 360 is under one year since purchase then your in luck, get on the phone to Microsoft (0800 587 1102) who will arrange to pick up and repair your Xbox 360 for free. You should have your consoles serial number on you when you make the call. The serial number can be found on the back of the Xbox above the AV port, it is the 12 digit number on the sticker.

2) Self repair. For those who have past their warranty their is still hope as the cause of the problem isn’t actually too hard to repair. The Xbox 360 open tray error is usually caused by the laser no longer been in correct position to read the disk from the correct starting point. Either this or the laser is simply covered in dust. After extensive research on the subject I have found the following to help the most.

Dust removal. First thing to try would be to see weather or not the error was been caused by dust on the laser lens. Get a hair dryer and set it to cool, open the disk tray and hold the hair dryer up to the tray so that the cool hair blows inside the console and move it from side to side along the width of the open tray. Between 30 seconds and a minute should be sufficient to remove any excess dust from the laser. Pop in a game and see if it plays.

Power removal. If dust is not the cause of your Xbox 360 open tray error then more than likely you will have to open up your console or take it to a shop that offers Xbox repairs. Until then however you could try this neat little trick that many people swear by and have myself used whilst I researched how to open up and fix it for good. Power up your console and open the tray, whilst the tray is open pull out the plug of the 360. After waiting a minute plug back in and power on the 360 again with a game in the tray. This should have realigned the laser and will hopefully now load the game.

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