How to Improve Your Bowling by Keeping Your Cool and Staying Calm

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As a bowler hoping to get more strikes and spares and improve your scores, there are several different areas to focus on. You might work to improve your footwork and approach, your grip, your follow-through, or other areas. While these are all important to address, there is another common impediment that you’ll need to address: yourself.

Your attitude and demeanor on the lanes can be a significant factor in how well you score, so working to improve your mental game as well as the physical can lead to big benefits.

As a bowler, you want to be able to keep your delivery as consistent as possible and remain cool and collected no matter what the situation. In order to achieve this, it’s crucial to forget about external factors and focus on your current ball.

You must be able to block out thoughts of the disappointing open frame you just had, your career high score or anything else that will affect your state of mind. Staying calm and relaxed is very important as it allows you to devote all of your energy to what matters, the upcoming shot. A game of bowling is a collection of independent events: even though your score can depend on the previous frame, each rack of ten pins is essentially a clean slate. No matter how well or poorly you have performed up to a particular point, you’re still going to be facing the same task. Because of this, you must not allow yourself to get pressured by any factors, either external or internal.

A bowler who learns how to keep his or her cool has an immense advantage of the competition; that is the extent to which emotions affect the game.

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