Crema’s creature-battling MMO Temtem shares a significant amount of common ground with the Pokémon series, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In today’s NGT, Dan Tack gives a tour of the game to Alex Stadnik, Leo Vader, and myself. Dan barely scratches the surface (we don’t see any dungeonsContinue Reading

It’s the start of a new year and a new decade, and 2020 already feels full of endless possibilities. New consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be hitting this holiday season, and with that comes even more potential for blockbuster game announcements throughout the year. As we kick off the new year, we want to look aheadContinue Reading

Designer Keita Takahashi exploded our consciousness in the PlayStation 2 era with the release of Katamari Damacy. He may not be the most prolific creator out there, but his creations are memorable for both their simple aesthetics and strange, almost alien gameplay conceits. Is rolling a giant, sticky ball aroundContinue Reading

Apple must be pretty happy with how 2019 went, because the company revealed some data today regarding its services for the past year.  Customers spent $1.42 billion on the App Store between Christmas and New Year’s Eve alone. New Year’s Day (of 2020) set a new single-day record, with people spending $386 million. InContinue Reading

Digital subscribers to Game Informer are now able to learn all about Magic: Legends and read about our favorite games from 2019! Following today’s cover reveal, our digital issue is now live to subscribers on web browsers, iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Individual issues will be available for purchase later today. You can downloadContinue Reading