SC 2 Techniques – Use These to Decimate Your Opponents

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Here are the most important SC 2 techniques to keep in mind that regardless of your race choice and number of opponents or allies.

First, it’s important to stick with one race and master it before moving on to the other races. A lot of gamers I’ve played against spread themselves too thin and although they pride themselves on being skilled with all three races, they typically come up short in match play. By focusing on one race, you can develop your skills and learn the various SC 2 techniques associated with them so you have a working knowledge of the names of their units and buildings and most importantly the build orders associated with obtaining each unit.

It doesn’t matter which race you pick as each one has its strengths and weaknesses over the others. For example, the Zerg race is great for putting together quick rushes before your opponent has a chance to defend themselves and you can get up and going with them very quickly but with the Terran race you can arguably do more with that race than any other in terms of expanding if you’re planning on playing a longer game.

If you know the various SC 2 techniques associated with any one race, you can take down any opponent regardless of the matchup. Once you’ve mastered one race, you might think about experimenting with the other two just so you can learn about their various units and structures so you can better defend against them and understand them when you play them.

Don’t overlook scouting as another one of the very important SC 2 techniques as you can learn so much about what to expect from your opponent simply by taking a peek inside their base early on. Air attacks are a lot easier to defend against once you know they’re coming, but if you’re caught offguard it can be difficult to come back from that kind of attack if you don’t have the defensive capabilities to ward it off.

A lot of the most effective individual race SC 2 techniques in general can only be learned from elite diamond level players themselves, some of whom have put together member-based websites/guides which give you detailed information and videos on the latest and therefore most effective SC 2 techniques to defeat your opponent with. Because these guides are online based, they are constantly updated as more and more SC 2 techniques are uncovered and you are the first to know about them. While the official guide is good for basic strategy and the campaign mode, if you’re looking to be competitive against other human players, you’ve got to equip yourself with the best of these online guides.

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