Variations on the Typical Princess Halloween Costume

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One of the most popular girls costumes every single Halloween is the Princess costume. Every little girl likes to become a princess and even though Halloween is associated with dark and ghoulish events many girls like to become Princesses. This is most common for girls aged between 4 – 10 where they’ve seen plenty of Disney movies and enjoy the thought of becoming Snow White, Cinderella, Belle or any one of the other many Disney princesses.

However, many girls also don’t want to have the same costume as their friends or family. If this is the case and she still wants to be a princess then consider choosing a different outfit that represents the same thing. We have listed a few different options below.

Princess Peach

A slightly unusual princess costume is that of Princess Peach from the Super Mario video game. Princess Peach is known as the princess who was captured by Bowser and is the main reason behind all the Super Mario video games! The costume is a very pink and pretty costume and should include a little crown!

Princess Witch

The princess witch costume is much like a princess costume but with a slight twist. Instead of wearing a crown she’ll wear a witch hat that matches the rest of the costume!

Punk Princess

The Punk Princess is similar to a normal princess instead of having a typical light blue or pink dress she’ll wear a combination of black and pink. You can also add some white and black face paint to really complete the outfit.

Pumpkin Princess

A typical and popular Halloween costume is the pumpkin costume. However, a new costume introduced last year is a pumpkin princess costume. The costume is bright orange and very pretty dress and includes a green bow for her head. The costume is a much more flattering way of becoming a pumpkin!

Monster Bride

Although the monster bride costume isn’t a typical princess costume it is still very cool. The Monster Bride is the bride of Frankenstein so you’ll have an element of scary combined with the look of a bride. The outfit typically consists of a black and white dress, in tatters, and should be worn with a black hair, with white stripe, wig.

Light-up Princess

The light-up princess costume is a very cool costume and pretty costume. She gets to wear a very pretty dress which has fiber-optic cables inside the dress, attached to a battery pack, so that it lights up with a switch. This makes the dress sparkle just like a princess! This is a very cool and popular costume but also not very well known!

Remember that she’s only going to dress up for Halloween a limited amount of times. You should help her choose her outfit and if she wants to be a normal Snow White or Ariel princess than that might be the best costume for her! However, if she’s a bit adventurers or wants to fit into a different group costume theme than the costumes above might be a good fit!

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